Thursday, January 13, 2011


Snow snow and more snow. The oldtimers are saying this is like the winters of old. Definitely makes one want to snuggle by a fire with a cup of tea and a good book or movie or friend. Currently my partner and I are separated by this beautiful white stuff.....he is snowed in at the cabin, I'm snowed out at the Singlewide. One of us has got to get a four wheel drive ASAP. And learn not to drive down roads that have not been plowed, and to stay away from the edge (ditch). I've been stuck twice and spun out on ice and just basically scared the beejeesus out of myself. I'm from Southern California.......I never touched snow until I was 17. I would see it in the mountains of the BigBear and San Bernadino mountains....when the smog parted....but it was a distant "thing" that I never dealt with. When I went skiing with my boyfriend who loved snow....I hurt my ankle on the bunny slope and that was it for me. I guess I don't really like being on skinny things going fast downhill. I love to water ski.....the landing is so much softer, mostly. And, I've gotten in to a bit of sledding which is fun and the "stopping" is so much easier then on skis, for me. I am learning to go with the flow....but do hope I get to go home tomorrow.

Saturday and Sunday....I will be at the Knoxville EarthFare's talking about women's health and herbal products. Turkey Creek on Saturday and Bearden on Sunday. Should ole man winter allow it......

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Paying it Forward

Today I was introduced to or rather reminded about a concept of Paying It Forward. Five is one of my favorite numbers so I was excited to hear of this exercise..... I promise to give away 5 things made by me to 5 people who promise to do the same. As you can imagine....the immense potential of this is incredible. me your address.....the first 5 of you I hear from will receive a gift from me...that I have created myself.
I posted this earlier today on Facebook....and have had five respondents. And I have responded one of them so have 5 more to gift. And now, I will have 5 more and potentially more. As you can see.....I am exremely excited about the concept of giving in this way. Isn't it wonderful to spread our wonderful selves out into the world......with only the expectation that our gift will create 5 times 5 times 5 and on and on and on. Perhaps this will go viral......and won't that be delightful!!!