Monday, March 25, 2013


Tulip emerging
Crocus emerging in
emerging Chickweed

 I am
 emerging from a long winters sleep.  I am emerging from issues that I have been ignoring for far too long.  I am feeling the sun rise in my soul.

Sun emerging
Trillium emerging

Comfrey emerging

                              I am  

feeling the green energy of Spring beginning to course through my veins.  

I am growing with knowledge and grace each and every day!!  

 I thank the artist who drew this picture.  I know not who she is.  I do know that I will carry this image with me this week and feel my wildness, feel the growing energy of Spring all around me.  Have a great week y'all!!!  Until next time............

Monday, March 18, 2013

Just a dusting of snow last week and then Spring spurng forth.
 I love how fast it can change from Winter to Spring here in the Smoky Mountains.

This week will be full of podcasts, delivering orders and making lots of VitalVulva...which will soon be called Vital V.  Seems I need to make a name change.  All the women who love it will know what it is, what it does and where it goes. :) No matter the name!!!  As herbal products become increasingly popular, we have to adapt to the regulations present in our FDA system.  Though I wouldn't say I am happy, I will comply.  Listen later today to MoonMaid's Menopause Moment here   The show is live @ 6:30 PM Eastern.
I will also be cohosting Big Blend Radio's show with mother and daughter team, Lisa and Nancy @ 7:00 PM Eastern.  The topic is Style and Wellness for Women.  These gals are great and it will be a good time.  Hope you can listen here  Until next time, I hope you enjoy these photos.  I especially love the water shot......all that you see is a reflection.  Beautiful!!!  I am blessed to live here in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Have a great week!!!!