Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Wildflowers in the Great Smoky Mountains....

Spring is springing.  My land neighbors the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  The wildflowers here are some of the most abundant in the world.  We are well known for them.  I am so fortunate to have many many natives growing here in the woods.
Here are some violets and wild hyacinth or Grape Hyacinth

         And a few cultivated varieties too!!  Lots of color is in the garden beds here @ MoonMaid

 Trilliums are one of my great joys.  Here is a baby just unfolding.  I await the lovely yellow blossoms.  There are also other rare species here.  Surely trilliums, which are endangered, will deserve there own blog post.

 And the lovely dainty white ladies of the garden beds.  Snowdrop, bells and narcissus, just in time for Equinox and Easter.

And the yellows of Dandelions, one of my FAVORITE flowers.  And a lovely Forsythia, which my brother calls ForCynthia.  

And that is just the beginning of what's to come in the garden.  Coming soon - a YouTube channel with videos both of the gardens and "DIY's" for infusions, creams and much more.
Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

International Woman's Day.....

I think about women a lot.  MoonMaid's product line is for women, generally speaking.  As I deal with what I call "estrogen toxicity" in my work, on a daily basis.....men have come up to.  If the stuff in the environment is bad for we women....what's it doing to men? I have pondered for many a year.  Well that's another post....for the moment back to women.

I heard many "things" during this day.  NPR stories, moving posts on Facebook etc, and I observed the women around my community.  I thought of the many women I know, strong capable women in all sorts of ways.  Women who are running businesses, raising children, preparing for weddings, dealing with major health crisis.  So many women.  I have certainly pondered, how would the world look if women were in charge of things - and I am not talking about the current election cycle.

Instead, women are "kept out of", subjugated, controlled, belittled, and on and on.....in all sorts of ways in all types of circumstances (ie work, relationships etc), by our families, by our own beliefs.  I marvel at women who do it "in spite of."  The civil rights movement, young women in India, Afghanistan, mothers in Mexico who want more for their children, mothers escaping violence with the clothes on their backs.  It happens here, it happens everywhere.  Again, I wonder, if women were running the show.  Maybe someday.

At the end of this day I was reading, and getting ready to lay down and for some reason, I grabbed a pile of "tiny books" I have.  I was shuffling through them and I found this little gem.  I was filled with joy to hold it, to read the simple thoughts on each page, loving the simple art work.  A gift for me for this International Day of Women.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Botanical Sanctuary - Trees, Flowers and Herbs

Nettles are waking up under the leaf litter.  I could not be happier.

Mossy tree with baby wood nettle popping up underneath
This land, MoonMaid's Botanical Sanctuary, is expriencing a burst of Spring.  I have no doubt we will have another splash of Winter, as it always snows on the daffodils.  But meanwhile, it has been lovely.  

We have made some progress on getting our "Eco-Glamping Air B & B" going, and it won't take as much "resources" as first were indicated.  My friend from Arkansas, Leon, came for a week long visit and got so many things done.  He helped to create a space for the dry sauna I was given, from an already existing structure.  In fact, it was a structure I was going to tear down.

Leon and the CamperCarPort he revitalized!!!
Since I first moved here, I have tried to incorporate as much of what "is" into what this land is becoming, and this was another opportunity to do that.  The fact is, the pre-made shed I had in mind, could not be delivered down my rural driveway.  And, it turns out, I ultimatly need the "space" to encompass much more then I had anticipated.  That new office/massage/production facility is sometime down the road.  For now, the old camper will make a great space for the sauna.  By mid- June it should be delivered and installed!!  I can't wait.
The sauna that awaits in Florida
Additionally, I have found a local Yome, or dome tent, manufacturer!!  The cost is 1/2 that of those I had previously checked out.  The look of these is much lighter and brighter and I just love it.  It has allowed me to bring down the GoFundMe site, from 15K to $7,000.00.  Makes it feel more like I can get it done sooner then later.  The tent is just about $3000, then delivery, set up and all this clean-up!!!  I love a wind......but I hope they will keep at bay for just a little bit...........

Yome, Asheville North Carolina
I feel very excited and hopeful about all that can happen here on this land.  One "guest" at a time I look forward to sharing how I compost, recycle and support clean and green in as many ways as possible.  The opportunities to introduce folks to wonderful herbs and flowers makes my heart sing.   Check out the GoFundMe site  - if you care too.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Monday, February 22, 2016

Out in the garden...

It was warm this weekend........after a week of 15 degrees.  I loved it.  The first flower appeared in the garden.  Luna is enjoying the weather as well.

LunaCat and a lovely crocus

I have been tidying up and sorting.  Suddenly I had a bunch of things that needed a place to hang.  I decided to "decorate this little funny maple before it leafs out.

I have not seen any yet, may favorite, nettle.  But I did find this little poem in a book i have.

I have wood nettles and true nettle.  Both are rich in minerals.  Tons!!!  An infusion of stinging nettle, either kind, is a great way to get vitamins and trace minerals, rather then a "pill."

I anxiously await Spring.  There are always some surprise "gifts" showing themselves, something new, it never fails.  There are always "treasures" just below the surface.  Even in a box of chocolates.  I  was first surprised to receive a box in the mail from a California friend.  Great treats.  I decided to take the bottom liner out to hang on my window for a "festive" change.  Below was this.  I love it!!!

Box O Chocolates

It pays to take a moment to look "deep inside."  I have been doing a lot of that this winter.  No point getting excited.  Things happen in their own time.....like the launch of BlueBliss Serum.  Thought it would be last February......it was just last week!!   Good things are worth waiting for........I hope!!!

It's back to the garden for now.  Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid

Monday, February 15, 2016


It has been super cold.....and snowy for a week it seems.  A white winter bliss.......

And then today.....oddly warm and windy.  It always makes me restless, the wind.
I found this lovely book that has been keeping me company on cold snowy evenings.
It is a "companion" of sorts to the children's classic - The Velveteen Rabbit.  A story full of love, compassion, tears of fear and of joy, the Rabbit learns to be "real" when he is loved.  The broader story for we adults is to love ourselves.  This author has taken the stories and developed Principles.  Brilliant!!!  I have enjoyed it a lot.

Right on schedule - near Groundhogs day - the "eggs" suddenly appear.  They were not there Monday Febuary 1st - but they sure were February 2, early afternoon.  Despite the cold, I can see the little tadpoles growing larger each day.   An amazing example of the resilience and rhythm of the cycles of life.  

At MoonMaid - we are celebrating the long awaited "birth" of BlueBliss Anti-Oxidant Serum.  This moisturizing roll-on serum is loaded with anti-oxidants blueberries, MSM and Vitamins E, A, and C.  It delights the senses with our special blend of essential oils and flower essences.  Designed especially for "women of a certain age" and our changing skin.  On sale 50% off.

25% off by putting Pinterest or Instagram in the coupon box @ checkout.  And free shipping until midnight Febuary 15th.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We have had a bit of winter.  It is beautiful.....and settling in some way.  When I can't just run right out the door, I pause, I have gotten a lot of sorting done, I have caught up on writing.

Snowy garden
MoonMaid Botanicals' Sanctuary
Preserving Protecting and Propagating endangered native medicinals
I have also been spending a lot of time thinking about women't health.  I have two friends, one has breast cancer and has experienced a lumpectomy and lymph node removal.  I have been her advocate, as much as I can and was with her before surgery.  The other friend choose to have a hysterectomy.  For bleeding and fibroids.  I was a little shocked and a lot sad.  Why didn't she call me?  At the very least investigate alternatives.

Any of you who know me well, know that I have spent my career attempting to help women understand the importance of their uterus'.  That when "problems" arise, as they often do in menopause, one cannot simply "remove" the problem.  Nor can one "take a pill" or "apply a cream" and hope for magical results.  This is not to say that "these things," whatever they are, are not helpful. It is MoonMaid's business to provide women herbal alternatives for various issues related to the transition of menopause.  A gentle talk must come to, what is your lifestyle, or the conversation is not complete.  A uterus that is "angry" bleeding, fibrotic, adnomyotic or full of cysts, is exhibiting a "reaction" to something going on in the body.  In my world, this is toxic estrogens - in our air, food and water.   Removing the uterus and/or ovaries, without this topic addressed, will just lead to these "toxins" settling somewhere else in the body.

Like the breasts.  Would a woman who has lumpy fibrous breasts, as many "women of a certain age" do....chop them off, for this "non-life threatening" situation?  I believe she would inquire what might be helpful - like herbs, oils for breast massage, dietary changes etc., that may help alleviate the situation.    As should be the case, in my humble, opinion, for women with a similar "reaction" going on in the pelvis.

Breast cancer is quite often "estrogen positive."  As was the case for my friend.  All these toxic estrogens floating around in the environment.  And despite the fact that she is a vegetarian, she still has suffered these consequences - with no family history.  Did you know Breast Cancer is on the rise in men.  Well it is.   And I have 3 customers in varying stages of the journey.

Many other "hormone disruptor" conditions being experienced by our childern as well, ie childhood obesity (that very much resembles middle age weight gain), early onset puberty and reports of low fertility in young men.  This, I believe, is only the tip of the iceberg.  All of these things come across the radar in my tiny little herbal world.

Bringing me to this - we must talk about lifestyle.  How can we, best as possible, remove toxins from our diet?  From our environment. How can we support our bodies with whole foods, instead of vitamin pills.  How can we get "nourishment" from herbal infusions, teas, and tinctures?    How do we support our planet by removing plastics from our daily use.  It is all possible.  With small but hugely impactful changes.
Fresh Clover harvested for our Women's Mineral Blend
Summer 2015

I do offer herbal consultations to help you should you be on the journey of menopause.  Here for more info.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Breast Cancer

One of my very best friends has breast cancer.  It is still a bit of a shock.  When someone close to you receives such a "diagnosis" it can take a bit of adjustment.  The "helper, herbalist, and some might say; co-dependent or bossy nature" pushes me to "want to help" to "do something" to make it all better.  In this situation, I have become acutely aware that this is a process.  That it will take time.

B has participated in what one can only call, a "healing ceremony" for another friend, J,  some years back when we both lived in Miami. J had a rare form of bone/blood cancer and the prognosis was not hopeful.   It was a powerful event.  B gave J Reiki.  J is cancer free these 20 years later.

B was also involved, as I was, quite by co-incidence, in saving the life of an acquaintance, who has become a lifelong friend.  M also received Reiki from B.    We just happened in to this situation without really knowing we would both be there.  Yet there we were with this woman who truly had no one but us............Again, a rather powerful experience.

Now I find myself pulling together a circle, a community of women, to give back to B.  Giving a bit of themselves, their own unique gift.  I have not worked on something such as this for a long time.  The witch in me is stirring the cauldron, whipping up ideas and potions.  The same way I am when "crafting a new product" for MoonMaid.

My friend, B, is open to trying alternative "therapies" so I have been doing a lot of research.  I also have connections in the field, through my work with MoonMaid.  The Breast Health Project and more.  As I began to think of herbs, places, modalities for B I began to ponder - what would I do? What would I do, what action/s would I take if I was faced with this life crisis?  It got me to thinking, and this is what I came up with.
  • I would immediately get a bunch of super foods to add to smoothies.  It's a long list
  1. Spirulina
  2. Chia
  3. Hemp
  4. Maca
  5. Nettles
  6. Wheatgrass
  7. Lecithin
  8. Elder/Pomegrante/Blueberries
  9. Coconut Oil
  10. Bee Pollen
  11. Cacao
  12. Seaweed 
  • I would immediately assume a raw and juice filled diet.

  • I would begin using a rebounder (small trampoline) to help cleanse the lymph.
  • I would use BreastBalm for lymphatic drainage directly in and on the area.

  • I would use charcoal and clay poultice directly on the breast.
  • I would begin a 30 day colon cleanse  I like this Ejuva program.  Will try it myself.
  • after a weeks rest I would move on to a 2 week Parasite Cleanse. Ejuva has products for this too.
  • Wait two weeks and attend a program at program for cancer at the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach..  They do intensive wheatgrass therapy and have a particular protocals for just this situation.  
This is approximatly a 90 day program. Sounds good doesn't it?  I wonder why we wait until we are ill to treat ourselves in such a kind way.  It requires discipline, no doubt, to follow these programs.  And some time, and money of course.  Worth it in the long run I feel quite certain.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals