Thursday, June 4, 2015

June Classes

June is a busy month of classes starting with Household Herbals @ EcoVillage in Charlottesville Virginia.  Can't wait to be there!! My yoga teacher from Miami, Joanie, has created this space and I look forward to the Air B & B, yoga classes and sharing my knowledge with her group.  More about EcoVillage, Charlottesville Here  What an amazing community resource.

Here's one from a class sometime back in Miami

June 14 from 4 - 6 PM at the wonderful, whimsical and magical Curiosities in Knoxville, TN, I will present Menopause with Herbs.  I will share from my 20 years of experience working with women in menopause or some other kind of hormone imbalance like PMS, infertility etc.  It is a huge problem in our world AND the "remedy" is really quite simple.  I'll share my "3 point" protocol to help you experience this powerful life transition with grace and some personal comfort!!!  It doesn't have to be this bad.....really.

I offer consultations if you need personal focus.  This service is 1/2 off for this entire year - as my "introductory year special."  The consultation fee includes your first month's herbs and products!!  Check it out while it is a mere $45.00

June 20th I am teaching my favorite class The Art of Simpling @ my office/production facility in Cosby, Tennessee.   It is the spot where we create all of MoonMaid's products for a healthy menopause and a great space to share how easy it is to make household "freshness" items and bodycare stuff, all in the comfort of your own kitchen.  And likely using stuff you already have. With a few herbs added, of course.  This class is presented in two parts - from 11 - 1 we will talk about product making, what you can make, what you need for tools, what types of herbs to use.  Dry herbs, herbal oils, essential oils, floral waters and powders are just some of the forms we will explore.  Then we are off to my Woodland Sanctuary for a simple organic lunch and a walk about the medicinal trail.  I have many endangered herbs growing here in a natural woodland setting.

Cabin in the Woods

Have a great week and weekend ahead.  Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wild Yam


Aren't these beautiful shots of wild yam growing in my woodland medicinal gardens.  It is in the woods, in the formal beds, and right in the center of my medicine wheel.  It has wrapped itself around the crystal ball that sits in the center.  I find it magical!!

Wild Yam, Dioscorea villosa  is commonly used in creating bio-identical hormones.  Progesterone specifically.  It just happens to be the main herb in my herbal alternatives to bio-identical progesterone.  Women who have had cancer often don't want to use hormones, even if they are "natural" and reasonably safe.  With all the synthetic estrogens in our environment, hormone related health issues have become extremely problematic; not only for women, for whom estrogen is our dominate sex hormone.  If these synthetics are causing us problems, imagine how devastating the health effects on men, children, and our pets.

Wild yam is also on United Plant Saver's endangered plant list.  I have adopted wild yam for 5 years as part of a fundraising program to help protect this valuable plant.  I am also a part of the Botanical Sanctuary network.  I am blessed to find many endangered plants growing here including ginseng, echineacea, bloodroot, black cohosh, blue cohosh, goldenseal, trillium, pink lady slippers and lots of other medicinals too.

I have written a bit more about wild yam and how I use it in my products.  Here are links to my herbal alternatives; ProMeno Women's Wild Yam Cream, Vital "V" Wild Yam Salve and ProAndro Men's Wild Yam Cream

I hope you find this helpful in making informed choices for your health.  Herbs are, innately, helpers.  I use them whenever, and as often as possible.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Silver Bells and Dogwoods....

Silver Bells are delicate trees with a bell like blossom, they are so delightful...and brief. The appearance of the flowers lasts only a week or so....and then they are gone.  We had a tragedy here in my neighborhood of the felling of an old tree by a road thoughtless.  I am grateful for the three I find here @ MoonMaid's Woodland Sanctuary.

And then the lovely Madam Dogwood.
Dogwood in Full Moonlight
The trees create canopy that protects the herbs growing below - wild yam to be precise.  MoonMaid would not exist without this wonderful woodland medicinal that is the main herb in our products; ProMeno Women's Wild Yam Cream, Vital "V" Wild Yam Salve and ProAndro Men's Wild Yam Cream.

There are flowers of many colors of course....but there do seem to be an abundance of white varieties.

Tulips and daffodils give way to Silverbells and Dogwoods.  It is shaping up to be a very beautiful Spring here on the mountain.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring has sprung @ MoonMaid...

Spring has sprung!!!!!  Winter was a little bit hard and I find myself especially grateful for the flowers that are everywhere.

It has been an absolute cascade of colors.

I have been taking lots of photos of the flowers and a whole bunch of medicinal plants that I will write about as the days go along.

Many of the woodland medicinals that are native here @ MoonMaid Botanicals Medicinal Plant Sanctuary, are the very ones we use in our products.

Vital "V" Wils Yam Salve

ProMeno Women's and ProAndro Men's Wild Yam Creams


I trust you had a beautiful day......I look forward to writing about the abundance of beauty that will emerge each and every day.       Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Sunday, March 29, 2015


I have been outside in the garden the last few much is growing.  Today....the chickweed kept popping out.  Growing everywhere there is a tad bit of sun.  Lush and green, I could not help picking some, munching on it....and then I got the idea to whip up a quick cream.  No beeswax here at the house, but I do have coconut oil and shea butter.  I used witch hazel, instead of water.  As this is a "live plant cream" I am doing everything I can, with what I have in my kitchen and medicine cabinet, to create a "kitchen remedy."


I gathered the chickweed, placed it in a narrow mouth mason jar, added one cup witch hazel. Attach the "blade attachment" to the jar and blend slowly, blending well, the chickweed with the witch hazel liquid.

When blended well, I added 3 tablespoons coconut oil and 3 tablespoons shea butter, 1/2 cup olive oil,  and 1/2 tsp essential oils to the jar.
Capped tightly with blade attachment, I blend on the slowest speed.  The mix will start to emulsify and "choke" the blender.  Remove and stir and blend again - until you achieve a smooth consistency.  This cream must be used "sooner then later" because of the live plant material.  It smells wonderful, is full of calcium, magnesium and vitamin k.
Super Green Cream
Treat yourself to this luscious green treat after a soak in the bath - perhaps with MoonMaids's BathBliss Soaking Salts.
Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Sunday, March 15, 2015

March @ MoonMaid

It has been a long cold winter.  I felt "frozen," literally.  Keeping home warm, the lavenders covered up and the rosemary inside. At times, it felt like "survival."    One day when I was iced in.....I had a little fun.  And made it through.....without too much difficulty.

Now there is a bit of Spring beginning to sprout around the Gardens.   It is wonderful to see.  I do believe the sunshine will inspire me to put words to these pages.....a bit more often now.

This Saturday I am teaching my Art of Simpling Class.  It will be a fun day of creating everything from herbal potpourri's to creams.  I offer this class 4 times yearly @ MoonMaid's production facility in Cosby.  Looking forward to sharing the day with some wonderful ladies from North Carolina.  We will take a jaunt out to the Gardens as well!!

I trust you are beginning to notice Spring in your neck of the woods.  It's about time!!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

February - month two of our 20th anniversary Celebration!!!

It is hard for me to believe it is February.  Ground Hogs Day and ole' Punxsutawawney is not seeing his shadow in this neck of the woods.  Cool windy grey day.  But......the peepers have begun peeping and soon there will be a big patch of eggs.  This is a shot of the mass in the pond last year.
Frog eggs in the pond 2/2014
We had some snow as I got the last of my raised beds set.  I used these "found" cinder blocks as the frames which are perfect for the "lasagna" method of creating raised beds.  I laid a layer of cardboard, nature dropped a lovely layer of leaves.  I'll now do a layer of newspaper or shreds, then peat moss, and then a layer of compost.  I compost everything here at the Sanctuary and have a very intensive recycling program.  Makes me feel good.

Our February special will be posted in a day or two.  This month I want you to treat yourself. To encourage you to that end, we are giving away a sample of our soap, our bath salts or a trial size of our newest FaceSerum.  This is a formula loaded with anti-oxidants Vitamin C, E, and A with organic blueberries and MSM.  I call it "Bliss" and would love your feedback.  Get the details here.  I am continuing to offer consultations @ half off, get the details here



This evening I present my podcast, Women of A Certain Age and....
This evening I will chat with Morgana Rae of Charmed Life Coaching, author of Financial Alchemy and leader of Money Goddess programs in Bali.  She has an interesting idea about how to "think of" and "approach" abundance that I find fascinating!!!  Listen @  or call in to the show 646.200.0217

I have created a great bunch of Boards on Pinterest.  Check them out, let me know what you think.

Have a blessed week!!!  This is the month of Love!!  As Louise Hay says - it starts with loving yourself!!

Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals