Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April and Spring are in Full Swing

                                                         It certainly looks like Spring!!!
Around the Garden
Dandelions are everywhere.  We are picking in earnest @ MoonMaid as we prepare to make tinctures, glycerites, oil and some wine.  I may even give jelly a try!!  I love the beautiful yellow color of dandelions.  I am amazed at the nourishing tonic the leaves and roots make when you create an infusion with them, right from the yard or garden.  They are a prefect Spring cleanser. Here is a link that shows how to make an infusion

When you hear this fellow call, you can be sure Spring has arrived.  I think this is the earliest date he has arrived since I have lived here.  His song is a welcome sound!!!


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Women of a Certain Age and......podcasts resume on Monday April 14 @ 7PM EDT.  My April show features Stephanie Houston, EFT Practitioner.  EFT is also known as "Tapping" or Emotional Freedom Technique.  Join us as we do an on air session.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

MoonMaid's Blog

It has been beautiful here @ the Plant Sanctuary.  This month, we will be featured in United Plant Savers magazine and are looking forward to that!!  It is an honor to be part of this fantastic network of people working to preserve native endangered plant species.
Out in the Garden

Coming up on April 14th  @ 7PM ET I will be resuming my podcasts Women of A Certain Age and....
My topic for this show will be Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT.  Expert Stephanie Houston and I will do an actual session on air.  You can join the show by calling 646.200.0217.  The show we did last year is the most listened to podcast I have ever done.  Join us online here.

I recently heard news on NPR about a cholera epidemic in Haiti which saddened me.  It seems like that little country has gone through so much.  I have a particular interest as my niece will be visiting soon do to a home building project.  I don't want her to be exposed to such things, of course.  I know they will be well taken care of......but still, an Auntie worries.  And, it brought me to my own little story about "toilets."  I live in a home with no flushing toilet.  I have lived this way for 10 years. No I don't have an outhouse, I have a simple bucket system, within my home.    From my buckets, my kitchen and garden scraps, as well as lawn clippings and grass and a square of hay bales - I not only keep the water around here free of human waste and other toxins, I make soil for my garden.  It ages for a year or more.  It is not gross, it does not smell and it's got me thinking - Buckets and Bales - a Cholera Free Haiti Project.  More on that as things develop.  Next week I will show pic's of the soil I have made and I guarantee, you won't believe it - black gold is what it is.   Follow MoonMaid Botanicals on Facebook and Twitter and signup for our monthly newsletter where we announce our monthly give-a-way.   Enjoy your week!!!  Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals 
Home toilet and hanging buckets
Bales where I "dump"

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring has arrived here @ the Woodland Plant Sanctuary

It feels good to say that.  Woodland Plant Sanctuary.  I am really excited about being part of United Plant Savers plant sanctuary network.  It is a dynamic group of folks.  It has inspired me to "grow" this land into a "woodland plant classroom."  Ideas are brewing for a Cottage for class attendees, taking care of a long list of "spring cleaning and tidying" projects, and trail clearing.  It is exciting....and a little scary at the same time.  How will I do it?  What to do first? I take a walk in the woods and am reminded that everything happens in it's own time as long as we keep the ship going in the right direction.  Meanwhile, Spring hearkens.

This week MoonMaid will be on the local news.   I was so honored to attract the interest on Emily Stroud, of WBIR - Channel 10 in Knoxville. The show airs Wednesday, March 12 @ 4PM EDT .  Watch here.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

MoonMaid Botanicals and United Plant Savers

I have always been happy to support United Plant Savers, an organization dedicated to protecting and preserving native herbal species!!  That is what we are all about @ the Woodland Plant Sanctuary we are blessed to call home.  We are very excited to partner with UpS by adopting one of our favorite herbs, Wild Yam!!!  Just got our plaque, now it's official.  We also nurture ginseng, black cohosh, bloodroot, trillium and many many others.


 It has been snowy but there are signs of Spring popping up everywhere!!!!  The trees are      swelling and bulbs are appearing all over the garden.


                Frog eggs have appeared in the Pond.  Spring cannot be far behind!!!

And, finally this week, in support of #freefirecider, I made up a bitch of my own FireCider.  Fire Cider is a folk remedy to boost the immune system in the cold winter months.  It is a combination of onions, garlic, pepper, lemons, honey and vinegar.  There are as many variations as there are people.  A young company has trademarked the term "fire cider" which has caused an uproar in the herb community.  You cannot trademark a folk remedy.  I support keeping folk terms free for all to use.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's Snowing.......

We have had a ton of snow this year.  A lot more then last year for sure - and it has been way colder then it generally is here @ MoonMaid Botanicals' in the Smoky Mountains.  The plants seem to be sleeping soundly and one can certainly see the trees swelling with life that will soon burst forth.  After all, come February 2, Groundhog Day, we are officially half way through the winter season.

The pond at MoonMaid Botanicals' plant sanctuary is frozen solid, creating just another playground for our little mascot, Nissan.  When he is not playing with his best friend, Red the cat, he is running around the land keeping track of all the goings on.  He is a joy to have around.

We have had some exciting news at MoonMaid Botanicals!!! We have adopted one of our very favorite herbs for women's health - Wild Yam through the United Plant Savers Network.  Rosemary Gladstar, an early teacher to me, started this organization some years ago to raise awareness about endangered and over harvested native species.  We are honored to be part of this network.

Our monthly specials will resume via newsletter.  If you have not signed up for that, you can do so here.  You can follow us on Facebook, if you don't already by clicking here.  We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and prosperous week.  Until next time.  Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Monday, January 27, 2014

Thinking About Family

My family is gathered in Florida, where my Mom and sister's live, as my brother was in a mountain race on Sunday.

 I could not make the trip because of my aging girl Delilah.  Such a sweet puppy!!!    

I am sorry to have missed it.   When I was in Florida for Christmas I took a bunch of pic's of my Mom's house.  She, well she and my sister's are master decorators, where I have always been sort of a minimalist.
 That's my family - and here are some pics from my Mom's.  I thought I had deleted them and then they showed up in Picasa!!!  I am very glad about that.  Enjoy the pic's.  Here @ MoonMaid Botanicals  I certainly enjoyed the memories.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MoonMaid Botanicals Blog, News, Specials and General Goings On!!

It is a beautiful snowy morning here @ MoonMaid Botanicals Plant Sanctuary.  It was a peaceful snowy evening, soft lovely flakes falling all night.  I awoke to a magical white paradise.  I am always amazed at how the snow lays on the trees, the garden ornaments, and the bones of the plants of last years garden.  

Went for a long walk in the woods with Nissan, my young dog.  He loves the snow and all of the sticks that fall from the trees.  There is no stick to large for this little guy.  He is a hoot and always makes my walks a bit more enjoyable then they already are!!  There is never a shortage of mischief for him to get in to.  Delilah the old gal - she sleeps and waits, in any convenient spot.

As it is cold and I don't want to get one - I keep up with my infusions.  This morning it was a conbination of nettles and oats.  Extremely nourishing, full of minerals and calcium.  Good for a healthy strong body, bones and mind!!!   Until next time - I wish you good health - Cynthia @