Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28 2013

It is hard to believe that January is almost over.  Fully into this new year!! I think when the first month of a new year ends, we are furious to enlist ourselves in either going forward with our "resolutions" or we give them up!!.  

Where are you at?  I, struggle, to maintain resolutions, as we all do.  One I have firmly in place is to drink less coffee and enjoy Green Smoothies each day.  Since I have been asked to be part of the upcoming publication of What Do Raw Fooders Eat by Nomi Shannon, Raw Gourmet Chef, I have to put together a week long food diary.  Taking shots of my method of making this smoothie is part of the project.  I thought I'd share this info with you!!!

Green Smoothies have become a very popular "drink" among vegetarians and other natural foodies.  I use to think of them as juice with spirulina powder or blue green algae powder added.  However, I found out I had one notion of the green drink....but truely a "green smoothie" is juice with spinach, kale, or romaine lettuce blended into the juice.  I started getting more serious about this "breakfast of champions" at the beginning of 2012 and it has now become a stable in my life and dietary routine. 

 Here are the beginning ingredients.  Lots of greens stuffed tightly into a narrow mouth mason jar.

Did you know that your Oster Blender Blade would fit on this narrow mouth Mason Jar? A most interesting technique.

These are some other ingredients I like to add!!!  I blend the juice, green, and any other additions  together.  After this is blended well I will add some frozen fruit like banana's, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries etc. and blend again. You get the idea!!!  This has become my staple breakfast and lunch!!!  

Remember to peel your banana's before freezing!!  Enjoy!!  Perhaps this can become your breakfast of Champions.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Podcasting begins this week!!! 

A year ago I started a podcast on BlogTalk Radio called Women of A Certain Age and.....    In the daily business of MoonMaid Botanicals, I have been making products and talking with menopausal women for the last 15 years.  Podcasting gave me an opportunity to share information and reach a broader audience in another way.  I really enjoy doing the show.  I had a "secret desire" to be a DJ at one point in my life, but as sometimes happens, I went on to other employment and careers.  And, as I said, as happens, life got in the way of the regularity of this Podcast and it fell by the wayside.  I am "back on track in 2013 with a full year of  topics and experts who will share their wisdom on a many variety of subjects including yoga, community activism, creativity and more.   The show will air once a month on the 4th Tuesday @ 7 PM ET.  You can find a schedule @ this link  as well as links to past shows.

This month, on January 22 @ 7 PM ET, my guest is Morgana Rae, Life Coach, author, speaker and mentor.  She is a thought leader on the topics of wealth and relationships.  Her motto is "make money by putting love first."  She has and interesting technique of "finding you money Honey" and getting rid of your "money monster."  She is launching the publication of her book Financial Alchemy - Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation.  It is a guidebook to help you with the techniques mentioned above to bring more "Abundance" into your life.

MoonMaid's show with Morgana airs on Tuesday, January 22 @ 7 PM ET.  You can listen to the show here 
where you can participate via chat or you can call 646-200-0217
and be part of the conversation. This will be an exciting broadcast.  Morgana is fun and engaging and I look forward to sharing her information with you. 

Also this week I will be a guest on Big Blend Magazine's BlogTalk Radio Show this Thursday January 24 @ 7 PM ET.  Mother and Daughter team Nancy Reid and Lisa Smith, offer tons of  information on all kinds of subjects.  This broadcast will focus on health.  MoonMaid's topic is Herbs for Colds and Flu.  Listen, chat or call in.  Get the information @
Check out all of their magazines @

 In addition to preparing for the podcasts, I have noted that Spring has Sprung here @ MoonMaid Botanicals' Gardens.  I have been enjoying walking with the dogs and enjoying the changes.  I'll have daffodils and crocus blooming this week.  Chickweed is everywhere and I noticed the Virginia Bluebells just barely poking their heads up in the woods.   

It is amazing how fast the seasons shift.  Just when it seemed like we might not have any winter at all.....the snow came in swiftly and suddenly Thursday afternoon.  Just as quickly the storm blew out and we have been enjoying sunshine all day today.  As well as very comfortable temperatures.

I am immensely grateful to live on these five acres.  The wonderment of nature abounds and I await with anticipation the "show that is just about to begin" with Spring just around the corner.

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

It is time to start posting here regularly.  These last several days I have been settling into the routine of a new year.  As always I am fervent with goals, new ideas, stuff I absolutely get finished as well as personal goals, places I want to get to...things I want to do. 
I have the monthly discounts for January posted on Facebook.  You can find them @

 I've also been working on flower creams.  In general this past year, I have completely changed the way I blend creams.  It has made for much a much more elegant product. In addition, I have found a wonderful new rosewater and rose absolute that have improved the scent and feel of the RadiantRose cream beyond my wildest imagination.  
RoseOil infusing with Alkanet
Ready to pour
Finished product.

CalendulaFlowerCream from start to finish.
Always fun to work in my kitchen!!  Hope you have enjoyed the photos. I'll be back posting more soon.
Have a Great Week!!!