Saturday, September 26, 2015


I am still on my Trek Across America.  I can't believe I have been gone 4 weeks.  One more to go as I work my way back home.  I have been to a lot of places, I have made new friends and partners, I saw inspiring things, I saw some sadness, I learned and continue to learn a lot from the people out there. I thought this young man was especially awesome....biking from Ithaca NY to Santa Monica, CA.  His journey was fun to check in on, via his blog, after I met him somewhere in New Mexico on Hwy. 66.

I have been to Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California and am on my way to Oregon tomorrow.  That's as far North as this trip will take Ashland and then Portland where I will turn East into Idaho.  I am beginning to long for home, my cabin, my cats, and my trees.  Well, the tress I tend, the trees that gift me with the joy of nature.

I have been in the plains, the high and low desert, the Pacific Coast, the redwoods, and now the forests of Oregon.  I'll stop in Shoshone Idaho to do some family history research  Here is a picture from the wedding I attended in LA with my brother and a bunch of cousins.  It was great!!!

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted.  I hope to post a bit more regularly as I journey home.  Until then - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals who is currently in Redding, California.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Trek begins -

Ready for the Road
I started out on Monday and made it to the Little Rock Arkansas area.  On to Oklahoma City on Tuesday where I had dinner with a long time customer.  We had so much to talk about, so much in common!

Here I am in Santa Fe on Day 4 of my Trek.   Did a demo at a wonderful Co-op - La Montanita Market.  Met a lot of cool women and great foks.  My favorite kind of store.

 It has been lots and lots of driving - over 1500 miles so far.  Half way I guess.  Seen lots, met lots of great people.  I have to say, most impressive is Eric, a 18 year old who is taking some time before starting college and has biked from Ithaca NY (yes New York) to Santa Rosa New Mexico - in a month.

                   Hugely moved by this young man!!  Go Eric.  Follow his travels @

I am off to Sedona, AZ tomorrow to see friends and stop in at another Co-op.  Will hope to place my products in the store!!!  You never know.  But I know, this is how it all began and continues!!!
Until next time - Cynthia from on the Road!!