Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day.  A day to remember those lost.  I lost a friend this last year, who suffered side effects to Agent Orange, from the Vietnam War.  His loss, all loss of life, is sad, there is someone on any side who is grieving.

When I think of loss of life - the many animals that perish on this planet, for our tables, for our floors, for our pleasure.  Just going along living life - and WHAM.  Death, grief, saddness to some being.

When I spend time in my garden, I am reminded that there is a circle to life.  With one loss, comes new life.  Plants remind me of that.  They remind me to be mindful when I prune, plant, or pick.
I talk to my plants - they talk to me.  It is a relationship that goes round and round.  And they sure are beautiful.


I  hope you have had a lovely long weekend if you are so graced to have one.  I long for the days when on a "holiday" like this - everything, even gas stations, are closed.  

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My podcast, Women of a Certain Age broadcast monthly on the first Monday of each month.  On June 2 @ 7PM ET, I am doing a show with my two dear friends Vesna Plakanis of A Walk in the Woods and Elaine Miller a long time supporter of the Smoky Mountain National Park. on Women, MotherNature and Camping ( in style!!!).  Vesna is a hiker, backbacker and wild food enthusiast and Elaine is the "glamping queen" and will be the chef extraordinaire for MoonMaid's Botanical Sanctuary Gals Glampout, coming up in the spectacular Fall season at the Sanctuary.  Details here.  

I am also the herbalist for Vesna's Women In Wilderness Weekend Retreat on September 12th thru the 14th.  Details here.

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Until next week - may you be blessed with good health, good work and a good life.  

Monday, May 19, 2014

MoonMaid's Botanical Blog

I spent last week in Florida.  I am amazed at the difference in Spring in different locations around our country.  In Florida, you have a bit of everything from no winter at all (i.e. Miami) to a pretty good winter (i.e. Tallahassee), but still no snow.  A cold winter really, seems to "do" something for many plants.  I have seen extremely large trillium, masses of violets, mountain laurel covered in blooms and plantain the size of hostas!!  So many  "extreme" displays of growth and flowers that I attribute to the very cold spells we had!!  I have not seen blooms like this in a very long time.    I went out in the yard and "picked a pot of tea."  Delightful after spending 12 (yikes) hours in the car.

I have enjoyed walking round the place and noting all of the kinds of plants popping up.

Around the garden.

My podcast, "Women of a Certain Age and.....," is scheduled monthly.  Next show is June 2, 7PM ET.  I will be joined by some outdoor enthusiasts like myself.  Vesna Plakanis of A Walk In The Woods, Elaine Miller, who has a long history with the National Park Service in The Smoky Mountains, and I will talk about how wonderful it is to take a hike or go camping.  It does not have to be "rustic!" You can treat yourself and still enjoy the benefits of a tent and sleeping!!  In October @ MoonMaid's Botanical Sanctuary we are sponsoring an event we are calling Gals Glamp-Out to benefit our land trust fund.  Details here!!!  We will be announcing more about the land trust soon.  

Every month we do a product giveaway!!  Something we are working on, a plant special, our newest products - you just never know.  This month we are giving away trial sizes of our Signature Soap.  It is available in a 3 and 6 pack.  We love it and think you will too!!  To find out what our offering is for June - sign up here.

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Until next week - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May @ MoonMaid's Botanical Sanctuary

MoonMaid's gardens are incredible!!  Lot's of color, but this week it was really the white flowers that stood out.  I missed a few here like foam flower but you get the idea.  I love this time of year as the grass goes wild and the plants seem to shout yippee!!!  

The White Album

Wild Yam, which is a main herb in our menopause and andropause related products - is just popping out in the garden.  I love the brilliant green color.

 Check out the look of our new website!!!  It is new!!!  It was a lot of work and I like it!!!  I hope you do too.

The special for May is a grabbag.  We will send you one of our new products like our Signature Soap, our BathBliss Soaking Salts or maybe a face serum I am working on.  You just never know.

MoonMaid's BlogTalk Radio Show airs the first Monday of every month.  Tomorrow Cynthia will be joined by Donna Marie Coles Johnson of the Indie Business Network.  We will be discussing how women are reinventing themselves as they transition into a new phase of life.  Menopause stirs up those raw emotions to "try something new" and we will cover how that is empowering and transforming lives both older and young!!!

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and have a fabulous week ahead. 
Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals