Wednesday, November 16, 2011

May since I have written.  Did make it home at last from Virginia.  Have done another road trip since then out West to NewMexico to the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference.  The best I have ever attended.  Wonderful group of brilliant and eclectic folks!!!!  Took my Toyota Truck on that trip and discovered I am no longer a "truck gal" which I was forever.  I guess from my truck, I graduated to a wagon that I also loved, then to my fabulous van.......I do tend to get attached to my vehicles.  I have now moved on to a Subaru Outback Wagon.  Really great!!!!  Now....trying to decide to keep the truck or let it go.  Do I really need two cars?  I live in the country....trucks are handy, alas, it does not happen to be a 4WD.  Time will tell.
Now off to tidying up this blog!!!  I am planning to begin a Herb of the Week.  That should keep me busy for a long long many wonderful plants!!!
Until next time.....