Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spring brings yellow.

Yellow is a color of happiness.  Cheerfulness.  Sunshine and warmer days.  There is an abundance of it around here.  It's still February.  The daffodils appeared before the crocus.  I love the color....but I wonder about this incredibly warm dry winter we have had. 

 The yellow egg man is one of my favorite "yard decorations."  He makes me smile.  The daffodils are everywhere.  

This little angel is being kissed by a sweet flower.  The forsythia (really early) was amazing to note 
this morning.

I have this buncy of double daffy's and even the centers of this crocus is a lovely yellow.  And even though I love this blast of Spring and I enjoy all of this color, I cannot help but wonder "what's going on here?  I am concerned for my planet.  While I plot and plan, whilst caring for this lovely piece of land, I will enjoy, all of THIS immensely.!!!