Friday, March 18, 2011

I HEAR the fear.....

I HEAR my friends and family, the radio, the television, overheard conversations, classes on doom....I hear it. Ahhh....I can understand the concern and shake my own head. What is happening? What can be done? How can we deal with it? What will I do?? Toxins, radiation, earthquakes, food costs, fuel God!!!
I SEE the Japanese people torn and picking themselves as they pick through the ruble of their lives. The workers who continue to enter the nuclear plants, to assist because they are old......or certainly dedicated. The Libyan rebels........pushing ahead despite all odds, the Egyptian citizens who havn't given up, people taking action all over the world.....doing something, anything.
I BELIEVE that "what I focus on I draw into my life."
I CHOOSE to believe that each day I will deal with life's challenges in the most honorable, compassionate, and thoughtful way possible. I will be grateful that I have this day, one more day. And when I blunder
I HOPE that I will pick myself up and go gratitude, compassion and grace, for one more day, one more chance to do something, one more chance to make a difference for myself, my community and for my sacred and beautiful MotherEarth.

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