Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting on a schedule....

I am currently working in a coaching program about Branded Content and developing a strategy to create success with this marketing technique, and tool I suppose.  My Monday Blog will focus on what is up at MoonMaid this week;  our specials, the subject of my weekly BlogTalk Radio show and my Herb of the Week.

Specials...........20% off all "bundles" and free shipping on those orders.  Place these orders by phone @ 877.253.7853

Weekly Blog ShowCynthia will discuss MoonMaid Botanical products that may be effective for "women of a certain age" that are experiencing hormone issues:  Listen here:

Herb of the Week:  Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa)    This amazing plant with it's ribbed heart shaped leaves grows abundantly at ShadyAcres Plant Sanctuary, MoonMaid Botanicals' forest garden.  I often find it whorled around a rather elusive forest plant Ginseng.  Though the above ground leaves of Wild Yam are abundant, the plant has very small finger sized roots.  It is easy to see how this plant has become dangerously overharvested as it is the main plant source of diosgenin which is  a potent saponin taken from this root and converted into Progesterone for natural products or into "Progestins" for pharmaceutical products.   Synthetic progestins that are in prescriptions like PremPro, are often called "progesterone" by physicians but Beware!!!!  There is a huge difference in these prescription drugs and natural bio-identical products with true progesterone.  Additionally we have truely "herbal" products like the ones described below.

MoonMaid's core products; ProMeno Wild Yam Cream, ProAndro Men's Wild Yam Cream and VitalVulva Wild Yam salve are a slightly different products then those mentioned above in that we do an "herbal infusion" process of the plant into organic olive oil.   Akin to making a cup of tea with a herb and water,  jar of herb and oil is warmed at a low temperature the theory being that the properties of the herb are taken into the oil.  Our products are applied topically and geared to help women and men who are experiencing hormones swings due to menopause, andropause, PMS, and a variety of other symptoms that seem somehow directly related to the toxic estrogens in our environment.    Though these products do not contain any actual hormones they seem to help the body address hormone balance in a natural way.  Hormone free products are increasingly being sought out by women and men who have any sort of cancer issues. 

We definitely think hormone and adrenal balance are critical to a healthy life.........and we Believe that herbs can be a big help.  Hear more about this subject on my blog talk show on Tuesday @ 2 where I will discuss the effective way to use MoonMaid products for hormone issues........and why it is so predominant in society today.  Listen here:
Until next week.......may you delight in all of the weeds that grow around you!!!
Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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