Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

It is time to start posting here regularly.  These last several days I have been settling into the routine of a new year.  As always I am fervent with goals, new ideas, stuff I absolutely get finished as well as personal goals, places I want to get to...things I want to do. 
I have the monthly discounts for January posted on Facebook.  You can find them @

 I've also been working on flower creams.  In general this past year, I have completely changed the way I blend creams.  It has made for much a much more elegant product. In addition, I have found a wonderful new rosewater and rose absolute that have improved the scent and feel of the RadiantRose cream beyond my wildest imagination.  
RoseOil infusing with Alkanet
Ready to pour
Finished product.

CalendulaFlowerCream from start to finish.
Always fun to work in my kitchen!!  Hope you have enjoyed the photos. I'll be back posting more soon.
Have a Great Week!!!

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