Monday, February 4, 2013

Mondays @ MoonMaid Botanicals

The day for my blog posting.  This week has been busy with the "starting" of lots of projects here @ MoonMaid. Been making lots of VitalVulva and getting a stream of calls about dryness, vulvadynia, vaginosis, atrophy, soreness and on and on.  I definitely hear far more about this problem then any other.  Because I get so many calls about the same things over and over, I decided to start a weekly podcast on one "issue."  It's a brief 15 program.  You can listen live and call in or listen later.
VitalVulva Wild Yam Salve
This weeks topic on Menopause Moment with MoonMaid Botanicals will be vaginal dryness and related issues.  You can listen @ 7 PM ET @ this link live or later at your convenience.
Comfrey in Bloom

This is the herb that gives VitalVulva the lovely green color

Wild yam vine @ MoonMaid's gardens

Wild Yam is the main component in both Vital and
ProMeno Wild Yam Cream.

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