Monday, February 10, 2014

MoonMaid Botanicals and United Plant Savers

I have always been happy to support United Plant Savers, an organization dedicated to protecting and preserving native herbal species!!  That is what we are all about @ the Woodland Plant Sanctuary we are blessed to call home.  We are very excited to partner with UpS by adopting one of our favorite herbs, Wild Yam!!!  Just got our plaque, now it's official.  We also nurture ginseng, black cohosh, bloodroot, trillium and many many others.


 It has been snowy but there are signs of Spring popping up everywhere!!!!  The trees are      swelling and bulbs are appearing all over the garden.


                Frog eggs have appeared in the Pond.  Spring cannot be far behind!!!

And, finally this week, in support of #freefirecider, I made up a bitch of my own FireCider.  Fire Cider is a folk remedy to boost the immune system in the cold winter months.  It is a combination of onions, garlic, pepper, lemons, honey and vinegar.  There are as many variations as there are people.  A young company has trademarked the term "fire cider" which has caused an uproar in the herb community.  You cannot trademark a folk remedy.  I support keeping folk terms free for all to use.


Michelle Gilbert said...

Wow - this is very cool. We have a very small, very urban 1/8 acre that we've planted as 75% native and also have wildlife habitat certification, but I didn't know about UPS! You've inspired me to seek out native herbs to plant as well! Thanks for the great photos.

(and I agree about the fire cider)

angela said...

So nice to see some pictures of the coming spring!

Witch of Stitches said...

Great photos. But... my favorite part is the firecider - you made up a "bitch" of your own, LOL, love it! I am going to make a small batch too.