Sunday, November 30, 2014

Specials just for you....

I have begun the 20th year anniversary celebration of serving the women who have decided on a different direction then pharmaceuticals or bio-identical hormones!!!  Lots of you!!   To show my appreciation for your support, starting now and continuing throughout CyberMonday, call me @ 877.253.7853 with your order, I will give you free shipping AND a free product of your choice, with an order of $15 or more!!! Now that is "special" don't you think? Good until midnight PST Monday December 1st.  If you miss me by phone, shoot me an email and I will call you back.    Check out our other products here.

In January I will be presenting a couple of new products.  A face serum, a sugar based face scrub and a salt body scrub.  All have MoonMaid's "signature scent" that is a combination of essential oils I have been using since the beginning.  We will be giving out samples as our January monthly special.  Go here to make sure you get this monthly newsletter.  Always a "free something," a DIY recipe and a little bit about our "herb of the month."
MoonMaid has always used essential oils in our blends, because I have an allergy to fragrances. My favorites include clary sage, rosemary, patchouli, and lavender.   All of these plants I am fortunate to have growing in my cultivated herb beds.  In 2015 I hope to begin making my own essential oils and hydrosols.  It would be so satisfying to create these essential elements of MoonMaid products in the kitchen from flowers and herbs growing in the garden.

I look forward to taking your calls starting now through Monday.
Cynthia @ MoonMaid 

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