Friday, September 4, 2015

Trek begins -

Ready for the Road
I started out on Monday and made it to the Little Rock Arkansas area.  On to Oklahoma City on Tuesday where I had dinner with a long time customer.  We had so much to talk about, so much in common!

Here I am in Santa Fe on Day 4 of my Trek.   Did a demo at a wonderful Co-op - La Montanita Market.  Met a lot of cool women and great foks.  My favorite kind of store.

 It has been lots and lots of driving - over 1500 miles so far.  Half way I guess.  Seen lots, met lots of great people.  I have to say, most impressive is Eric, a 18 year old who is taking some time before starting college and has biked from Ithaca NY (yes New York) to Santa Rosa New Mexico - in a month.

                   Hugely moved by this young man!!  Go Eric.  Follow his travels @

I am off to Sedona, AZ tomorrow to see friends and stop in at another Co-op.  Will hope to place my products in the store!!!  You never know.  But I know, this is how it all began and continues!!!
Until next time - Cynthia from on the Road!!

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