Sunday, November 6, 2016

Identity Theft.....

I think this "term" puts a little fear in all of us.  It is horrible. All of the trouble to replace everything, montoring your credit to make sure it does not happen again....just a big hassle.

I recently became the victim of another sort of "identity theft" in the manner of a telephone scam Targeting my elderly mother, she received a phone call from her alleged "grandson who stated he had been arrested for drunk driving.  She was visibly upset so I got on the phone.   I became upset, my sister got involved, the mother of the kid was having a very challenging day but ultimately became involved, then my brother was called and began was making plane reservations to help the kid.   And in the end, it was a scam.  It is remarkable how these folks "suck you in" and the ball is rolling before you really stop...and think.

I see now all the questions "I did not ask."  That would have nipped this thing in the bud sooner.  At the end of the hour or so it took to figure it all out......I went through a variety of very strong emotions.  This is such a good kid, how did this happen and on and was exhausting.
My mother in the end, would not have been able to wire money.....these thieves were left out in the cold.  And yet was very very upsetting.

The really beautiful picture that emerged, on the other side, is what a great family I have.  In a crisis we all bonded together.  We were making plans, sticking to our phones, changing travels so we could be together, to support each other.  It was a quite lovely.  We know we have a crazy story to share on Thanksgiving around the table.

And one bit of advice I can give from this........when an unexpected, upsetting phone call comes in, ask a lot of questions.  Make sure it is really a crisis before you jump into crisis mode.  Just a thought for your peace of mind....and my own as well.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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