Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday, July 31

This day use to be the beginning of "Birthday Season" as it was my Father's birthday, Saturday my Mom's, next week mine, then in September my brother and then sister's ( they are twins).
I miss my Dad has been 17 years since his passing......and still feels like it was just a bit ago........and at other times it seems like forever. Having a garden and living on the land has given me a better sense of the ebb and flow of begins, then one day it ends. It is hard, as young people, to "get" that life is precious, should be LIVED every moment, but not only lived, appreciated as well. It is the appreciation that I am beginning to get a better understanding of as I grow older.
As the years have gone by, the family has grown, there are many more birthdays. I can hardly keep up. I may not get Chritmas gifts to all, but I do try to remember birthdays. The one day when we can show a person that they are special.....with a small token of affection. My favorite gifts are ones I can make, grow, or happen to find in a funny little shop. Chocolate, flowers, coffee, or an afternoon together are my favorite gifts.
I offer these thoughts as we go towards the time of Harvest. This is Llamas for the Celts, a time to celebrate the bountiful harvest that awaits us in our Gardens, honor the life these veggies give of themselves to give to us.
Make this a blessed day.........only you can.

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