Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It's a beautiful day after a nights rain. The garden is popping out tomato's faster then we can eat them. Isn't that always the way!!! The kitchen is piled up with, not only produce, but all the herbs I got yesterday. Tried wild lettuce for a relaxant and pain reliever. Best night sleep I have had in days!!! Darn hip......maybe this will help!!!

Off for an early morning walk with the dog!

Make it a great day!!!

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Kim Radatz said...

You have tomatoes already!!!???? We’ve got tons of greens ones, but none that will be ripe for at least a week. Perfect timing, while I’m off to Colorado and John can’t cook. But once I return we shall be eating grape tomatoes by the barrel along with celebrity and cherry tomatoes. Yum, I love tomatoes!!