Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wait a Minute......this is not Georgia!!!

Just as I was entering the freeway on my way South, I got a call from the Lakeland Police Department that my GodFather had died. I tell is a twilight zone experience. Now I find myself in Florida taking care of details that I never imagined I would be doing so soon. Tomorrow is the day before my birthday.....I'll be meeting with an attorney and "figuring things out." It is an interesting experience going through the things of the loved one who has passed on. I find myself asking questions out loud, noticing things and wondering "how did I not sense that things had gotten so bad." And realizing that these things do happen and going with the flow.
I have a long ago friend arriving from Australia tomorrow. I find it interesting, that after 17 years, she will be meeting my Home, pets and friends before we see each other. Isn't that a trip.
I look forward to getting home. I needed to get away to let go of another situation, the breakup of my relationship......which I really thought was "the one."Sometimes I feel like I cannot breath, at other moments I find myself laughing, smiling remembering, tears flowing with a knowing.

Life and it's many twists and turns........heed the vibe, ride the wave and enjoy every moment.

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Kim Radatz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!! Have a great one.