Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Holidays

Here we are nearly at Christmas Day. All of my friends are cutting back, not sending cards.........we seem to continue to feel this sense of "change" or a shift. Perhaps we are all just rethinking the way we live our lives. I know for me, the doom and gloom that is everywhere can be I don't listen to it. A bit of news to get the weather is just enough for me.

I may be away from this space for a bit as I travel down to Florida. I'll be working on a house I have inherited and dreaming up new ways to get MoonMaid out to the many women who would benefit from using it. I plan to read up on investing, saving and general money management. I am going to set up a new financial program on my computer. It is clearly time to improve my relationship with money.......which can only improve my ability to operate in the world......hence improving all of my relationships.

I hope you all have a blessed holiday season!!!!!

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