Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The "holidays" have always been a time of travel for me. Because I am single with no is easier for me to come to my family then for them to put the kids in the car and come to me. Not to mention that my home is a one bedroom cabin in the woods. It use to require a plane trip for me as my siblings and parents were scattered about California and Florida and Indiana or Illinois. Now, my sisters and families are in Central Florida and my brother and his family are nearer to me in North Carolina. Make things just a little easire.Since my Dad died, I have made a point to be with my Mom at Christmas, always a special time for her. She loves to decorate. So, it is wonderful that my sisters, nephews and nieces and Mom are at least in the same state. This always makes for a good time....complete with all the stuff that comes along when large families get together.

Last evening I watched a show called Parenthood. I don't watch much television as I don't have reception at home. This show really kept me glued to the TV. It was family stuff, with all it's lumps, bumps and compromises. It made me smile, as well as bringing a tear to my eye several times. I will even look for a DVD set so I can get all the background and understand the characters. Good acting...good show, if you should find you have a moment on Tuesday evening.

After Turkey day I will travel home. Though a long drive, I have my my particular rest stops I visit with my travelling companion Delilah, pictured above, a couple of restaurants that appeal to me as well as certain gas stops. It is a long day, but I am grateful MoonMaid allows me to make these journeys when I want to. Plans always seem in flux......yet, there are those moments that make it all worthwhile. I did not get to go hang out with my sister's and nephews in Daytona this trip....things got complicated. Perhaps another time. I will enjoy our Thanksgiving meal and miss those who aren't there.

Something I realized while watching Parenthood, is that I have never really created my own holiday traditions.....aside from travel. Well, and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and listening to the sound track again and again. This show made me yearn for something, but I am not sure what. Perhaps on the long drive home on Friday...things will percolate to the surface.

Meanwhile, I hope you and yours have a most wonderful Feast!!!

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