Friday, December 3, 2010

12 Hours

Twelve hours is an, admittedly, long time to be on the road. That is, travelling in a car. Despite all the times I get out and stretch, walk the dog etc, I find myself anxious and sooooo ready to be home once I get there. I find that I simply want to "fall into" my surroundings for a day or two. does not always offer that luxury. I sort of hear a theme song's chipper, and one moves along.....then as it goes drags out a bit.

Needless to say, I came home from this journey to lots of orders, mail to catch up on and the usual things of life, bills, production issues, pet needs, home needs etc etc etc or, as I prefer to say, blah blah blah...........

And this is all, not to say, that I most definitely love my "personal" time in a car with the dog. I drive along. I observe my surroundings. And I must say that EVERY time I travel, I notice something I did not notice the time before. And, did I mention I have travelled this route hundreds of times. anyway....there is a pearl of wisdom in every journey...this journey

love, really love and appreciate where you are at, see your future with a great big smile......and that love will carry you to where you are going. Not profound for sure....but it hit me like a great big brick.

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