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Herb of the week is Calendula (Calendula officinalis) I particularly love this bright "happy" plant!!!

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Not only a beautiful flower in the garden, it has many medicinal uses for the home herbalist. This fabulous blossom is not only anti-inflammatory making it a possible choice for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, it is also anti-fungal and anti-microbial.  Used internally is it excellent for digestive inflammation and may be effective for ulcers.  Not only internal ulcers may benefit but external inflammation, cuts and abrasions are all soothed by this healing plant.  An infused oil of this blossom is a must have in any herbal first aid kit.
According to Culpeper, an renowed 19 century herbalist, calendula would strengthen the heart.  It is a plant of the sun and blooms all summer, beautiful orange, golden or yellow blossoms.  Summer allergies that effect the eyes may be relieved by an eyewash of calendula. Minor bruises, cuts, scrapes, and bites will all be soothed by an infused oil.
Create a wash for eyes or any wound by simply steeping the petals in water…similar to making a cup of tea. Use muslin or organic cotton soaked in the tea to wash the eyes or skin.  To make an oil infusion substitute the warm water with warm oil (olive, sunflower or almond are my favorites), cover the blossoms with oil and let stand, tightly sealed,  in a cupboard for 2 weeks.  Then strain the oil from the plant and you have a potent oil for immediate use.  You can create a salve by adding a mix of melted beeswax and coconut oil, cocoa butter or shea butter to your calendula oil.  Blending  all or some of the substances together will create a “hard” oil or salve.  The beeswax is a necessity while the other ingredients are added as desired.
In food, the blossoms were once used to color cheese, often used in soups and stews or salads as the petals add a slight peppery taste to any dish.  Growing this plant in your garden between other vegetables creates natural pest control.  The strong aroma of this plant keeps many pests at bay.  Try planting it between your greens, spinach and lettuces.

However you use this wonderful plant, I hope it will become a staple in your garden, kitchen and medicine cabinet.

Until next week.....Herbal Blessings!!!  Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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