Monday, January 30, 2012

A walk in my garden

Today on my walk about the garden I was absolutely amazed at the signs of Spring.  I will begin in earnest this week composting the beds, laying gravel, moving rocks and so forth.  It is good to be outside.  Sunny days, cool nights.  I have experienced a personal shock and mistrust this past week, I find being among my plants, digging in the soil, tidying up, to be a wonderful therapy.  I am grateful for the gift of ShadyAcres, my little spot in the Smoky Mountains.

No podcast this week.  They will resume March 1  with Vesna Plakanis of A Walk In The Woods.  Topic....Women of a Certain Age and The Great Outdoors.  Many more wonderful guests with potent information for you as the year goes on.  Better to get it all organized, me thinks, then to proceed in a rush.

Specials this week are a free soap with every order!!! 

Also announcing that as of tomorrow, you will be able to place an order right on FaceBook.  Thanks to another woman business owner for making me aware of this time saving tool!!!

I hope you enjoy the following photos as much as I enjoyed being on a little jaunt and taking them.

Have a Green Week!!!  Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals


Kim Radatz said...

Lovely walk in the garden. Looks like Nissan enjoyed it too! Thanks for taking me along.


Deannaocean said...

Lovely tp speak with you this morning!Great blog too. Good to see your surroundings - so many beautiful plants! Do you make the Flower Essences that go in your products? Have a great summer.