Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Monday @ MoonMaid Botanicals

It is Monday!!  And it is June!!!  Whew.....where is the year going.  As one of my nieces said - "It's June?  It was only Christmas last week."  And wait until this new graduate notes how much faster time will begin to fly as she enters college, her 20's and beyond.  It flies.  And, I had the "slap in the face" reminder that "you never know when your time will come."  One of my cousins passed away very suddenly this past Saturday.  A healthy guy, taking good care of himself, drops dead @ 58.
It is so true......you never know.  So.....love life to it's fullest each and every day!!!

The mountain laurels are blooming and the wild roses and honeysuckle fill the air with sweetness.

We are featuring our BathBliss Tub Kit this month and giving a free sample soap with every order. Put "soap" in the "COMMENT" box @ checkout.

I am also doing a BOGO special of Dianne's Homemade.  It is the perfect trail snack!!  I am sure you will love it as much as I do!!              

 I am doing my podcast - Women of A Certain Age and.....monthly.  Mondays show was about "Getting Outdoors" with my dear friend Vesna Plakanis of A Walk in the Woods.  Not only does she have this fabulous hiking and guide company, she is working with the crew that is filming the movie A Walk In The Woods in our area. A Robert Redford project!!  When in the Smoky Mountains, this is the company you want to make your trip and experience of the best kind!!!!
In two weeks, on Monday, I will be launching Menopause Chat on the same platform.  A 30 minute call in show where I will take your calls related to menopause.  Products, nutrition, and remedies will all be offered for you!!  Call in details here.  7 PM ET Mondays as the summer goes along.

As the days grow longer and longer approaching June 21st, the Summer Solstice, I trust you will feel the abundance all around us!!


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