Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day.  A day to remember those lost.  I lost a friend this last year, who suffered side effects to Agent Orange, from the Vietnam War.  His loss, all loss of life, is sad, there is someone on any side who is grieving.

When I think of loss of life - the many animals that perish on this planet, for our tables, for our floors, for our pleasure.  Just going along living life - and WHAM.  Death, grief, saddness to some being.

When I spend time in my garden, I am reminded that there is a circle to life.  With one loss, comes new life.  Plants remind me of that.  They remind me to be mindful when I prune, plant, or pick.
I talk to my plants - they talk to me.  It is a relationship that goes round and round.  And they sure are beautiful.


I  hope you have had a lovely long weekend if you are so graced to have one.  I long for the days when on a "holiday" like this - everything, even gas stations, are closed.  

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Until next week - may you be blessed with good health, good work and a good life.  

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