Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Breast Health Awareness Month around here.  My friend and peer Daya Fisch, of the Breast Health Project taught me to think that way.  She and I did a great broadcast on just that topic.  She is incredible.  Here are links to her on YouTube and a link to the Women of A Certain Age and.......BreastHealth.

We are giving free BreastBalms with your orders in October to.  Put "BB" in the "COMMENT" box at checkout.

BreastBalm's main ingredient is Poke Root.  It is a valuable herb with incredibly potent lymphatic cleansing abilities.  It helps to break up congestion in the body and will move it out.  It can be very toxic when consumed so please consult your favorite herbalist when using this herb.  As a salve, it is also effective in relieving swelling and cystic areas.  A great emollient for breast massage.  You are doing that.....right?  Daya talks about it here.   Watch and learn to love your breasts!!!

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