Friday, July 17, 2015

Celebrating 20 Years in Business

20 years ago MoonMaid Botanicals was born.  I travelled around California...and then across country marketing my wares.  It was easy to engage buyers and managers because I have always been extremely passionate about herbs and women's health.  I want women to know that menopause is a life transition, not a sickness, not a dis-ease.  It is fun to talk about herbs, lifestyle and menopause.

To celebrate - I am taking MoonMaid back on the road this Fall.  There is social networking, there are cold calls but there is nothing like talking to a person face to face, handing them a product and information.  Nothing at all.  Of course, there is the footwork of a follow-up calls, more engagement, and I really like all of that.  If my products are already represented in a store - I will be spending time with the staff and chatting with customers.

Of course, one does not just walk into Whole Foods and get time with staff or time on the floor.  One cannot just drop off products - and get anywhere.  There is a corporate ladder that must be climbed one step at a time.  Hence, I intend to focus on privately owned stores, owned by a real person, or small chain community focused stores or Co-ops.  It is where I got my start. I am heading back to the roots of how I started my business, just after I have celebrated my 60th birthday.  I have come to realize that rather then children, I birthed MoonMaid and she is quite a beautiful creation at 20 years strong.  An excellent reason for a celebration.

To raise money for this 5 week journey - I have created a product bundle I am calling my TravelKit.  It includes all of the items I will be taking with me; ProMeno, Vital "V", Nettles, BugOff, BathBliss Soap and my new face serum (that is still in development), a bundle valued @ over $150 and on sale for $75.00.   All sales will be used for my travel fund!!  I most certainly appreciate the support.  It's a big trip for me, for MoonMaid and for Nissan, my travelling companion.  We are looking forward to seeing new places, new roads, and making new friends. We will be staying in Air B and B's, eating light, and enjoying as much of this wide wild USA as possible.  If you are on the I40 route and have suggestions of places to see - please let me know.

Additionally I am featured in a book - What do Raw Fooders Eat.  Yes....I eat raw a lot.  Not totally but I am fond of veggies, juices, fermented foods and things like that.  Check the book out here.  I think you will find it very valuable.

                                                    Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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