Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getting Close.....

Less then a week until I leave on my Tour Around America or my 60/20 Tour or Trunk Tour.....it's had a lot of names this past week....my 5 week car trek to a wedding in Los Angeles via Santa Fe, Sedona, Yuma, and Huntington Beach.  Then North to Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa (where MoonMaid was born), Ashland, Portland....and then parts East as I journey home.
Mom's Head Gardens where MoonMaid was born!
I am taking my business back to it's roots - where I use to walk into a store, smile, put out my hand and begin a conversation.  That always ended with a few products and a price list left in the hands of someone I was sure to have to speak to in the future.  That's hard to do these days in the world of Whole Foods.  I'll focus on the "little stores" dotted across this landscape.
Store Demo
I am super excited!!! The TravelKits have been selling well...I still have 5 more bundled up to mail our or take with me.  You can support the journey and check them out here.  It's the "group" of MoonMaid products I am taking on my trip, offered at a 50% off price, all sales go directly into my travel fund.
Trek Across America Kit
I feel like this trip is my opportunity to "reset" my business.  Who am I?  Why do I do this? What is my "overall" goal?  That is a "huge" topic and will require a continuing flow of blog posts - developing as I go along.  I clearly know, at this moment, that one of my missions is to "connect with women."  To "empower" women to "take charge of their health."  So often we simply "follow instructions" because they come from a "professional."  Maybe - just maybe - there are other ways to deal with the many "health concerns related to chemical toxicity" and how can I be a part of that answer.
Herbal alternatives to bio-identical hormone products
I got in to this business out of concerns for horses.  Regarding how Premarin is produced.  It is amazing how one "point" can lead one to a life path - as it has for me.  20 years in business AND  60 years old - a milestone to be sure.

I am in the midst of figuring out how to load up the car - needing camping gear, doggie gear, products and luggage enough for me.  Not to mention how to operate a "small business" from the road.  Thankful for my co-worker Shirley who will produce and ship products as I send her the orders I receive.  I should have sufficient time to journal this journey, and blog it out to my loyal customers.
Shirley on a production day.
I look forward to sharing my thoughts on MoonMaid's Trek Across America
Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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