Sunday, October 18, 2015

Creating a Living Classroom....

After my travels around America this September, I had some revelations!!  MoonMaid, while a product business for sure, and it/I am also a valuable resource for information on herbs, endangered plant species, living in "community" with my land, alternative methods of dealing with "waste" of all kinds, know much about recycling and composting and on and on.....

I had incredible experiences at Air B & B's on my trek which inspired me to create one here on the property.  This "gem in the woods" is a 5 acre spot nestled in the Smoky Mountains and minutes from the National Park.  These woods are rich in endangered plants like ginseng, black and blue cohosh, and our favorite, wild yam, a key herb in a number of MoonMaid Botanicals products.  This spot offers a unique opportunity for upscale camping and a chance to learn about native medicinals that find themselves endangered due to over harvesting in the wild and increased usage as herbal medicines become ever more popular.

Native Plants @ MoonMaid's Botanical Sanctuary
Preserving, Protecting & Propagating Woodland Herbs
My vision for this is a EcoGlamping experience in a luxurious tent outfitted with a plush bed, cook-stove, and outdoor shower.  It will be stocked with organic teas and snacks to compliment your stay. This lovely spot will be located near the spring fed pond and developing organic garden.  A short nature trail, a natural woodland herb garden is delightful. for those who want something slightly up-scale from car camping, this will be an excellent choice.  AirB&B's are super popular in my area.  After having stayed in some, I can see why.  Far better then a hotel in almost every situation.

To assist in getting this project up and running sooner then later, I decided to try crowdfunding.  Our first goal - the tent and it's "construction."   I sure don't expect folks to participate without getting something back, hence there are several "gift levels" to choose from.    Here is a link.   If you have questions - email and I will get back to you.  i am excited to say that the campaign already has a donor.  Super excited about that.

Thanks all - until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals.

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