Sunday, December 6, 2015

Changing seasons

There is definitely a change in the air.  We have had some brisk days.  The only color in the garden is from the many trinkets sprinkled here and there.

After plentiful rain for 3 days the creeks are running full!  The sound is marvelous!

The full moon this past week was absolutely spectacular.   As well as on evening's sunset.

I have was gifted with a sauna!!!  Yes a sauna.  It will be a wonderful addition to my Healing Room, to be located here @ MoonMaid's Botanical Sanctuary. Anyone who knows me at all knows I love heat and hydrotherapy.  A sauna is a wonderful cleansing tool and I am very grateful to have it!

Though not much has been said recently about my GoFundMe platform to build a green glamping site here on my botanical sanctuary, Plans are slowly coming together in the background.  It is exciting time as I look forward to 2016.

Here is a look at the sauna.

Here is the building we will put it in.  Old Hickory is the company, they are made in the USA and a dealer is local in Newport.

Here is the structure I have decided on for the forthcoming Airbnb.  It is called a Yome.  It is locally made in Western North Carolina.  There is a crew of local guys that come out and put them up!!  I could not be happier.

I am shooting for a March 21 launch.  A crowdfunding campaign has commenced.  Check it out here should you care to participate.

We are getting in full swing for the holidays @ MoonMaid.  I always offer a free shipping and free gift wrapping with drop shipment to friends and family members.  Shirley wraps a great gift and my customers have loved this detail over the years.

Write a review!!!  Get a gift.  We will send you a sample set of our BathBliss Products and this facial serum when you write a review on MoonMaid's website.  Visit your favorite product, add a review.  I will get a notice and capture your email.   I will then contact you for your address if I do not have it.  Write a review HERE

It's off to a happy warm and spicy holiday herbal bath for me. I am testing out a new "secret sauce" development!!   Until next time - Cynthia
@ MoonMaid Botanicals

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