Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Giving Season

We have come to that time of year.  A time when I am planning time with family, planning a annual Christmas party, and planning a trip to Florida to spend Christmas with my Mom and sisters and nephews and nieces.  A tradition.  Having not had a family of my own, my tradition has been travel, get together's and short trips to see "people, places and things."

It is a time of year that has been given the hash tag #givingseason      I like that.  It brings to mind many ways in which I can give, and give my community, friends and to my customers.  I like the "things I give" to be special.  I don't send many cards - so I buy artisan cards which are a bit like a gift in and of themselves.  I Love! putting together "boxes of lots of things" inside, I use baskets too.

I give gifts to my brothers family at Thanksgiving since we spend that holiday together!  I have 4 great nieces, so  I have put together a big box of bath salts and soaps and creams.  They can choose what they want.  They love all of my herbal goodies so it will be fun to see what they pick


I cannot believe 2015 is nearly passed.  We have slipped in to cold weather and had a dusting of snow here in the Smoky Mountains.  The moon is nearly full.  The yard it lit up like broad daylight.  Even still, I just want to curl up in a hot bath under the moonlight and then hop in bed - probably before 8PM!   Decadent, and just the right thing to do on a chilly late autumn evening.

MoonLit evening with a dusting mid November 2015

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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