Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We have had a bit of winter.  It is beautiful.....and settling in some way.  When I can't just run right out the door, I pause, I have gotten a lot of sorting done, I have caught up on writing.

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I have also been spending a lot of time thinking about women't health.  I have two friends, one has breast cancer and has experienced a lumpectomy and lymph node removal.  I have been her advocate, as much as I can and was with her before surgery.  The other friend choose to have a hysterectomy.  For bleeding and fibroids.  I was a little shocked and a lot sad.  Why didn't she call me?  At the very least investigate alternatives.

Any of you who know me well, know that I have spent my career attempting to help women understand the importance of their uterus'.  That when "problems" arise, as they often do in menopause, one cannot simply "remove" the problem.  Nor can one "take a pill" or "apply a cream" and hope for magical results.  This is not to say that "these things," whatever they are, are not helpful. It is MoonMaid's business to provide women herbal alternatives for various issues related to the transition of menopause.  A gentle talk must come to, what is your lifestyle, or the conversation is not complete.  A uterus that is "angry" bleeding, fibrotic, adnomyotic or full of cysts, is exhibiting a "reaction" to something going on in the body.  In my world, this is toxic estrogens - in our air, food and water.   Removing the uterus and/or ovaries, without this topic addressed, will just lead to these "toxins" settling somewhere else in the body.

Like the breasts.  Would a woman who has lumpy fibrous breasts, as many "women of a certain age" do....chop them off, for this "non-life threatening" situation?  I believe she would inquire what might be helpful - like herbs, oils for breast massage, dietary changes etc., that may help alleviate the situation.    As should be the case, in my humble, opinion, for women with a similar "reaction" going on in the pelvis.

Breast cancer is quite often "estrogen positive."  As was the case for my friend.  All these toxic estrogens floating around in the environment.  And despite the fact that she is a vegetarian, she still has suffered these consequences - with no family history.  Did you know Breast Cancer is on the rise in men.  Well it is.   And I have 3 customers in varying stages of the journey.

Many other "hormone disruptor" conditions being experienced by our childern as well, ie childhood obesity (that very much resembles middle age weight gain), early onset puberty and reports of low fertility in young men.  This, I believe, is only the tip of the iceberg.  All of these things come across the radar in my tiny little herbal world.

Bringing me to this - we must talk about lifestyle.  How can we, best as possible, remove toxins from our diet?  From our environment. How can we support our bodies with whole foods, instead of vitamin pills.  How can we get "nourishment" from herbal infusions, teas, and tinctures?    How do we support our planet by removing plastics from our daily use.  It is all possible.  With small but hugely impactful changes.
Fresh Clover harvested for our Women's Mineral Blend
Summer 2015

I do offer herbal consultations to help you should you be on the journey of menopause.  Here for more info.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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