Monday, February 22, 2016

Out in the garden...

It was warm this weekend........after a week of 15 degrees.  I loved it.  The first flower appeared in the garden.  Luna is enjoying the weather as well.

LunaCat and a lovely crocus

I have been tidying up and sorting.  Suddenly I had a bunch of things that needed a place to hang.  I decided to "decorate this little funny maple before it leafs out.

I have not seen any yet, may favorite, nettle.  But I did find this little poem in a book i have.

I have wood nettles and true nettle.  Both are rich in minerals.  Tons!!!  An infusion of stinging nettle, either kind, is a great way to get vitamins and trace minerals, rather then a "pill."

I anxiously await Spring.  There are always some surprise "gifts" showing themselves, something new, it never fails.  There are always "treasures" just below the surface.  Even in a box of chocolates.  I  was first surprised to receive a box in the mail from a California friend.  Great treats.  I decided to take the bottom liner out to hang on my window for a "festive" change.  Below was this.  I love it!!!

Box O Chocolates

It pays to take a moment to look "deep inside."  I have been doing a lot of that this winter.  No point getting excited.  Things happen in their own the launch of BlueBliss Serum.  Thought it would be last was just last week!!   Good things are worth waiting for........I hope!!!

It's back to the garden for now.  Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid

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