Sunday, July 17, 2016

Where did you go to school?

I was asked that question recently.   What first pops to mind is "what do you mean?  School of herbs?  College? ???"    It got me to thinking.  What school "did" I go to - to become the woman I am today.  The one "embodied" by the image below - that I have created just for this blog.

This got me to thinking.  I went to public school.  Which is where my high school classmates introduced me to "herbs" via dandelion wine.  Dandelions picked in my front yard.

I went to "junior college" where I studied pre-school education, got introduced to yoga, then went on to Recording Arts education - where I met these guys.

I went to massage school.

During a very successful massage career I started studying herbs. I happened upon starting a products business.  MoonMaid - for women with hormone imbalance issues.

And all the while I have been "doing" MoonMaid Botanicals - I have been learning from the "school of women."  While working with this very very intense "school" I have been attending the "school of herbs" to whom I give full credit for my success.

Without my customers, without the plants, I would be nothing at all.  That's the beauty of my work.
Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid

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