Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Creating change.....

I learned a long time ago that I can be more effective at "change" from the inside...instead of battling from without.

I heard a young Bernie supporter, one who walked out of the DNC convention, I heard him say to an NPR reporter "it is not about Bernie, it never was about Bernie."  Quote.  What????? I say to myself.  What's the big deal about the DNC favoring Hillary?  (I don't know why it was anyway, did not the RNC not "favor" Trump).  What's all the noise.

Frankly, I have to say of these doesn't happen all at once.  You don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.  You have been saying for weeks it's the Bern.  Now it isn't?  Do you understand how "shallow" that seems?  Such an "I want it now generation and I shall have it now or else" generation.  Walking out....won't do anything.  If you think Mr. Trump will be better then Hillary, or that voting Liberatarian, or not voting will help, well, you are alas sadly mistaken.

I learned when I was a young anti-war protester in 1970 that making noise is wonderful.  It is fantastic to shake things up, make yourself seen.  It is also helpful to be able to put on a suit (which we did not generally wear then) to go to meet with government, local councils, school leaders.  It got us a lot farther.

I learned when I became a massage therapist that being "profesional" meant showing up and looking right.  I changed my name from Cyndi to Cynthia, I developed a uniform, I was always always on time.  This allowed me to be one of the more successful therapists in my area of Miami.

As owner of MoonMaid Botanicals I have learned that if I want to swim in the big pool I have to follow the rules of the "big boss."  In this case the FDA with labeling guidelines and rules, with standards I must adhere too.  A pain - but like I said I want to "swim."  I give discounts to have a large wholesaler, something I hear many small business owners say...they cannot afford.  Hmmmm, I wonder how I could have gotten so far without this decision.

To the point in the title of this post, in order for me to create change in my school, my community, as a professional therapist, as an herbalist trying to reach as many women as I can, I must do "create change" by following a steady path.  Sometimes I have to "put on a costume" that may not be my regular dress.  If it helps people to "hear me,"  what is the issue.

At MoonMaid, it all about "offering a change, a choice" to women who are experiencing "hormone imbalance" that comes with all sorts of unpleasant issues.  It is happening to younger and younger women, which increasingly encourages me to suggest to women "they change" some of their "habits."  Like using and cooking in plastic, having water in plastic.  It brings me to the "consciousness of plastic."  Or eating organic.  Those pesticides have "hormonal effects."  Can't afford organic, I say "how can you afford Not to."  These two things as well as other "zeno-estogens/environmentl estrogens" have a huge effect on your menopause, PMS, peri-menopause, even fertility.

 Women, we, Americans, want a "magic fix."  A pill, an herb, the perfect combination of this or that.  When I suggest to women that it will take more then my product, more then a tea, it will also take "change" in daily lifestyle habits, if you want any long term effects.  This is my humble opinion and 21 years of experience, of course.  We have to allow our bodies to "change gracefully."  We can take hormones, we can have "work," we can exercise ourselves silly, at some moment we "change."  We are softer, wider, older.

My mission is to help women embrace this "change."  Without cutting out body parts, without pills, without hormones, without "harshness."

It is simply a kinder gentler and more effective way.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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