Monday, May 19, 2014

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I spent last week in Florida.  I am amazed at the difference in Spring in different locations around our country.  In Florida, you have a bit of everything from no winter at all (i.e. Miami) to a pretty good winter (i.e. Tallahassee), but still no snow.  A cold winter really, seems to "do" something for many plants.  I have seen extremely large trillium, masses of violets, mountain laurel covered in blooms and plantain the size of hostas!!  So many  "extreme" displays of growth and flowers that I attribute to the very cold spells we had!!  I have not seen blooms like this in a very long time.    I went out in the yard and "picked a pot of tea."  Delightful after spending 12 (yikes) hours in the car.

I have enjoyed walking round the place and noting all of the kinds of plants popping up.

Around the garden.

My podcast, "Women of a Certain Age and.....," is scheduled monthly.  Next show is June 2, 7PM ET.  I will be joined by some outdoor enthusiasts like myself.  Vesna Plakanis of A Walk In The Woods, Elaine Miller, who has a long history with the National Park Service in The Smoky Mountains, and I will talk about how wonderful it is to take a hike or go camping.  It does not have to be "rustic!" You can treat yourself and still enjoy the benefits of a tent and sleeping!!  In October @ MoonMaid's Botanical Sanctuary we are sponsoring an event we are calling Gals Glamp-Out to benefit our land trust fund.  Details here!!!  We will be announcing more about the land trust soon.  

Every month we do a product giveaway!!  Something we are working on, a plant special, our newest products - you just never know.  This month we are giving away trial sizes of our Signature Soap.  It is available in a 3 and 6 pack.  We love it and think you will too!!  To find out what our offering is for June - sign up here.

If you have not been to the website lately - check it out.  We have a new look @

Until next week - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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