Sunday, March 6, 2016

Botanical Sanctuary - Trees, Flowers and Herbs

Nettles are waking up under the leaf litter.  I could not be happier.

Mossy tree with baby wood nettle popping up underneath
This land, MoonMaid's Botanical Sanctuary, is expriencing a burst of Spring.  I have no doubt we will have another splash of Winter, as it always snows on the daffodils.  But meanwhile, it has been lovely.  

We have made some progress on getting our "Eco-Glamping Air B & B" going, and it won't take as much "resources" as first were indicated.  My friend from Arkansas, Leon, came for a week long visit and got so many things done.  He helped to create a space for the dry sauna I was given, from an already existing structure.  In fact, it was a structure I was going to tear down.

Leon and the CamperCarPort he revitalized!!!
Since I first moved here, I have tried to incorporate as much of what "is" into what this land is becoming, and this was another opportunity to do that.  The fact is, the pre-made shed I had in mind, could not be delivered down my rural driveway.  And, it turns out, I ultimatly need the "space" to encompass much more then I had anticipated.  That new office/massage/production facility is sometime down the road.  For now, the old camper will make a great space for the sauna.  By mid- June it should be delivered and installed!!  I can't wait.
The sauna that awaits in Florida
Additionally, I have found a local Yome, or dome tent, manufacturer!!  The cost is 1/2 that of those I had previously checked out.  The look of these is much lighter and brighter and I just love it.  It has allowed me to bring down the GoFundMe site, from 15K to $7,000.00.  Makes it feel more like I can get it done sooner then later.  The tent is just about $3000, then delivery, set up and all this clean-up!!!  I love a wind......but I hope they will keep at bay for just a little bit...........

Yome, Asheville North Carolina
I feel very excited and hopeful about all that can happen here on this land.  One "guest" at a time I look forward to sharing how I compost, recycle and support clean and green in as many ways as possible.  The opportunities to introduce folks to wonderful herbs and flowers makes my heart sing.   Check out the GoFundMe site  - if you care too.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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