Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The past appears in the present....

I have been wandering around the garden today.......thinking of my old digs, and the beginning of MoonMaid Botanicals @ MomsHead Gardens.  It was amazing to see how many quirky cool things I left there.....And how many quirky things, how that "sense of style" followed me here to the Smoky Mountains.

Stuff I left @ MomsHead Gardens

Everything with a story.  The red formica table that I got for $5.  The iron chair that made a lovely plant container.  The table and the chair that got painted up and are called HappyChair and Table.  The unusual wrought iron kitchen shelf.  That is a piece that is quite unusual.  I've never seen another one.

Odd, pretty, special, magical
There are also a lot of quirky things around the garden here, just like at MomsHead.  The pattern of the "odd" continues.

Endangered species ginseng, goldenseal, blue cohosh and wild yam
And then there is are the beautiful plants.  Not only are there multiple and abundant species of endangered plants like ginseng, goldenseal, blue cohosh and wild yam...........there are so many other flowers, moss, mushrooms and fairies.

Each day is filled with wonder @ MoonMaid's Magic Botanical Sanctuary....or a name something like that.  I keep changing it.  Your input would be appreciated.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals


Desiree said...

Where in TN are you? I've been up to Brasstown, NC frequently to attend classes at the folk school. I'd love to meet you one day if you're near that area. I try to get up there to a class every year or two.

Donna DeRosa said...

Lovely post. Looks like a magical place.

MoonMaid Botanicals said...

Thanks Donna! It is indeed pretty magical!