Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

It was a good day......I talked to a number of people....we laughed and cried and remembered our friend. We got a bit mad too......suicide is so selfish.....really, when you think about it. What could I have done, what could I have said to have made this dear man happier......helped him not to feel so desperate. If only I would have called that morning instead of waiting until this morning. And then of course, one must accept that we all have our own paths and Ken did what he felt he had to do. I will miss him for a very long time. He and I were working on a big project together....still in the planning stages of printing paperwork, and making reports and getting the details together for a fundraiser. I don't know about any of this....Ken knew about all of it and was going to teach me. Not to mention he was a master at raising and managing cash, the flow etc............ahhhhhhhh geez. I will really miss him, I cannot replace him, I will just have to trust the Universe to lead me down the road into the next big mystery...........

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