Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter weather....

I dearly love the change of seasons...growing up in Southern California, though we did have seasons, they were certainly not as pronounced as what I experience here in East Tennessee. The first few winter's I was here, we had a bit of snow, it was cold, and I took to it like a fish to water. I walk my dog everyday, we don't even care if a bit of snow falls. Then came the winter of 2007.........I was completely caught off guard, ran out of wood, could not split the wood I got, could not keep the stove going. I gave up and put blankets up to close off my living room and bedroom and moved in to the center of my cabin and used electric heat. Thank goodness the power never went out.

Winter 2008........long, lot's of snow. Though I was prepared wood wise, figured out how to keep the outflow of my water draining, so as to prevent the bathtub from overflowing....I forgot to mention that in '08. I thought I was okay. Then, it snowed, and snowed and snowed. And, with snow and the freezy nights come ice. I did not get out for almost 9 days. I did, indeed, go a bit stir crazy......just ask Meggie:)

2009.....things looking good as I have an office closer to town now. I can stay here when weather gets rough, and I did several times. 2009 felt a little "better."

Well now here we are in 2010. I'm at the office....good....and I have been since Sunday. Did I mention I am having a party on Friday night. Barely have an ornament up. Oh, and the pipes froze here at the office, and poor old Delilah and I both slipped off the porch. We were not hurt but must have been a sight!!! It is icy out there yet but I am hopeful and I am sooooo hoping to get home tonight......I really want to put on a dress and have that party...........

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