Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Spirit

I have had a bit of a difficult time getting into the holiday spirit. Somehow the commercialism of it all, and sometimes the expectations......get to me. I am about to go and visit family, where I know the children will help to get me "into the mood." It is, for the most part (and I've heard many a parent say), for the kids. The expectation of SantaClaus, the smiles and shouts of joy in the morning ARE all events that make me smile when I think of Christmas' past, and the one to come.

All of these "feelings" gave me a moment of pause as I drove to work this morning.....I began to think of what this time of year is really like for me. It is an ending....therefore I reflect. Today and many days, it is GRATITUDE that comes to mind. I'm grateful for lots and lots of things and do try to focus on this most days. It occurred to me, however, that there are many things and people I am grateful to, and for various reasons, I do not have an opportunity to acknowledge to them this fact. Some will read this, some won't, some have passed on, yet I thought it would be a good acknowledgement for them and a good exercise for me if I jotted them down:
I'm grateful to Kell for bringing me to these mountains
I'm grateful to Terri for Chicory coffee, super sweet at 4 inthe afternoon
I'm grateful to Justin for my little Delilah
I'm grateful to my Nana for her accordian and playing "Babes in the Woods" over and over again
I'm grateful to my Aunt Sandy for being the "cool Aunt" I hope I am most times
I'm grateful to Aunt Mary for her "wildness," and for my present day dislike of canned fruit salad
I'm grateful to Fount for teaching me about the "old ways" here
I'm grateful to my Father for "talks" while we drove in the car
and to all the folks who have touched my life at various times and in various way, living or dead, who I have neglected to mention here.....I'm just grateful that you gave me space in your life..........

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